Why Mankind Needs a Transparent Global Financial System

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We live in unprecedented times. In the twinkling of an eye, the global pandemic has forever changed the world as we know it. Mankind matures. In knowledge and technologies… however, it is lagging behind in moral maturity as a whole. We live in an age in which laboratories can cultivate a Pandora’s box with minimum resources and global effects.

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What we’re witnessing at the moment may easily be just a weak foretaste of what ensues when some crazy ecoterrorists with a PhD in genetic biology decide to shut down the world. Covid-19 has an incubation period of two weeks. Imagine a similar “golden nugget” with an incubation period of one month. And the death rate of Ebola. By the time the first dead patient would even be diagnosed, one tenth of the world’s population would be dead and half infected. We currently have no means to prevent such a scenario. How can controls be imposed on all laboratories that have the potential to produce such a thing? It is impossible to consistently check every single laboratory, which can be established e.g. as a biological startup of a tech company somewhere in China.

Humanity needs a fundamental moral paradigm shift, which will cause the doubts about human motives to forever disappear. This can be achieved by introducing a global information system of a transparent worldwide cryptocurrency. That is, one transparent global currency, with every member of society being able to see the money of anyone else. Other currencies would gradually disappear. If you are interested in a detailed description of how transparent finances would change the world, an article on this topic can be found here.

Humanity needs to change to simply eradicate the motives of the people who want to hurt the world – be it due to the frustration in their lives or some personal tragedy, or just the vision of financial gain.

These will disappear because:

  • Each member of society will be rid of the pressure associated with money. In combination with the available technology, Earth has enough resources to easily feed every single human being. When value is no longer measured with money, it will be a collective relief that mankind has not experienced before.
  • The very possibility for the people to suddenly see how (and why) money circulates in society will change an awful lot of things. Gradually, the flow of money will be transformed in a way that individual or corporate profit is no longer preferred in favor of genuine value creation and – in the long run – sustainability of civilization as a whole – which is, for example, necessary even in the event of adverse climate changes caused by plundering the nature. This will cause a huge increase in the wealth of mankind as a whole. Collectively, values other than maximized profits will suddenly stand at the forefront.
  • Each person will see and quickly realize that the new system is fair, sustainable and liberating. Human frustration will be reduced by half. The other half will disappear when the human resources, which are currently used by humans to outwit each other, will be used for their personal development.
  • When we know anyone else’s financial situation, the secrets of attraction to money are no longer alluring. To have a lot of money is not as good as it is bad not to have it. Transparency will result in immediate pressure to balance the most apparent differences in the wealth of mankind.

A world managed in this manner is also advantageous for those who benefit from the current situation. It is better to be a millionaire in a world where no one lets out a Covid-XY into the wild than to be a dead billionaire. The only thing that needs to be done is to agree with the transition to the new system and some sort of meaningful amnesty of some of the property hidden in the tax havens.

This system would also be of great importance in the event of a pandemic, such as the one we are experiencing today. It would be sufficient to have a look into the database of payments to find the infected people after the source of infection has been identified.

There would be tools to inspect what the different laboratories are doing: for example, all those able to develop a malicious virus. For example, it would be possible to trace all transactions in the economy linked to some special biological laboratory equipment.

Humanity has reached a stage where its own technological advances associated with moral immaturity can effectively eradicate it. The time has come to even out these disparities.

My notes on how the system can be implemented can be found here. However, in view of the current events, I am beginning to be skeptical whether mankind can make it in due time without outside help.

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