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  1. “We can eliminate 90% of humanity’s problems”
    the last time i saw a statement like that made, the solution involved wiping out 100% of humanity

    a) crypto currency does this
    and b) this is actually a horrible idea
    great in theory when you apply it only to say public gov spending, etc
    If everyone knew everything about everybody’s money situation, there would be an uprising in your country and on your planet, the likes of which you have never seen. And in the aftermath of that there would be fairness and equity, honesty and true forthe-good-of-all priority in the conduct of human affairs.
    a) more or less everybody sort of knows what everybodys money is
    elon musk is rich as hell
    and you are poor as hell
    and if you’re somewhere in between the rich want you to not have more money than the poor so they’re the richest people in the world :-p

    1. Yes, but cryptocurrency is not fully transparent. I believe that theory of transparent money should be applied to all money – even the private one. Because the way how you earn and spend your money affects seriously the environment we all live in.
      In one sentence you say that there would be uprising and in another you say that more or less everybody knows what everybody money is. Little bit contradictory, don’t you think? So has this kind of project some added value or not?
      The change to fully transparent society won’t happen overnight. Firstly, only people that have nothing to hide would be in. I’m planning to create an exclusive group of fully transparent people. I believe that after some time, other people would notice, that visible money users are really better candidates for politics, etc.
      That would create more pressure for rest of society to opt-in.

  2. Lets say its successful. Seems like intermediate to Utopia. But somehow some people would always find ways to cheat the system and then those “cheaters” would know exactly who is dangerous to them and whom to eliminate. Because if everyone’s transactions are known to anyone then one who can hide will gain crucial advantage. I can see this society having no stable state. It would become either authoritarian regime dominated by people whose transactions are hidden or fall back to old ways

    1. The proposed change would fail in case it would be done earlier in history for example I think. Humanity is only currently getting into state, that fight for resources is not so crucial for everybody. Growth of human knowledge is doubling every like 3 years or so. What I’m trying to say is, that currently is time for such a change. Thanks to science, there is or will be soon enough resources to manage society much more freely than it was in past. That is why I think your comment is not right – when I consider current unprecedent situation in human history.

      1. To better explain my comment – I for example believe, that when humanity gets better organized, it could reach such a level of comfort for everyone, that would have better quality than life of king in 18th century. In 18th century where no dentists, water toilets, showers etc. So now, when you would have to pick whether be a king in 18th century or regular person nowadays, second would be a better option. (Unless you are superegoistic person) And I think that this construct can be applied to state, which would rise up when humans would have really developed society. (That is one, in which no one desires anything at expense of another) Life in such society could be for example eternal – I’m explaining way how to achieve it in this post: https://visiblemoney.org/2021/06/01/3-fundamental-challenges-of-todays-humanity-and-my-answers-to-them/ So long story short: It is better even for those who are misusing current system to switch to visible money – because God possibilities would appear for everyone.

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